Summer 2017: Experience the tradition of Theatre Mask


June 17th - July 8th, 2017 in Padua, Italy

To sign up for The School's 2017 Study Abroad in Padua this summer send your online application now.


The School Study Abroad Mask Coursework encompasses fundamental approaches to theatre mask:

  • Neutral Mask
  • Larval Mask
  • Primary Mask
  • Human Comedy/ Commedia Dell'Arte 
  • Red Nose Mask

Participants will be immersed in a diverse curriculum of theatre specialties and disciplines: 

  • Voice of the Mask
  • Movement Analysis & Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Martial Arts
  • Autonomous Ensemble Work: Devising, Writing, Directing

View/Download a PDF expanded description of the Study Abroad Program Curriculum and Coursework




Paola Coletto (IT-USA) is the Founder and Director of The School. She is one of forty students in the world to receive a Master's Degree as a pedagogical specialist under Jacques Lecoq.

Ned Brauer (USA) is a performing artist and a faculty member at The School. He is a founding member of Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey and a member of the Actors' Gang in Los Angeles. Ned is a graduate of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in France and the London Academy of Dramatic Art, in England.

M. Bao Lan (IT) is a martial artist and master at the Vietnamese martial art, Viet Vo Dao. In Padua, he operates his own gym, Palestra Bao Lan, where he certifies instructors and hosts international martial arts meetings and competitions. 


Padua: a place to research & discover

Classes will be held at a studio located in the historic center of Padua (Italian: Padova)Zoo Contenitori Cultuali, Via Dietro Duomo, 14, 35139 Padova PD

Classes take place Monday through Friday 9.30am—12.30pm & 2.00pm—5.00pm .

Weekends are free to explore Padua and take nearby train trips:

  • Venice (30 min)
  • Verona (45 min)
  • Bologna (1h 10 min)
  • Florence (1hr 50 min)
  • Rome (3 h 15 min)

Accommodations are a 5-minute walk from the studio. Hotel M14, Via Acquette, 9, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

Each room (single or double depending on your request) is equipped with: bathroom, shower, hairdryer, radio, TV/Satellite, free Wi-Fi Internet connection, complimentary toiletries, minibar, intercontinental direct dial telephone and air conditioning. The rooms are not extremely large, but the bed in every single room measures 130 cm breadth x 200 cm length (french mattress). Some rooms have a small balcony, and the hotel offers free rental bicycles to enable guests to discover and experience Padua in one of the best ways. Minicars (4pp) are also available for rent at an additional cost.

The hotel is located directly on the Prato della Valle, one of the biggest squares in Europe. A few steps away is the Basilica of St. Giustina and the Basilica of St. Antonio, famous worldwide for pilgrimages to the Holy of Devotees. On the the short walk to class, you may stumble upon the 18th-century Astronomical Observatory, perched on the Riviera Paleocapa. Or pick up a snack and seasonal produce at the open air markets at the 13th-century Palazzo della Ragione.

The school is located behind the Piazza Duomo and a few blocks away from the University of Padua (founded 1222), where Galileo taught for 18 years. Padua has harbored free-thinkers such as Copernicus and others who dared to challenge the dictates of the church by analyzing the world and applying scientific reasoning.  At the university, you will find an illicit Anatomy Theatre dating back to 1594, where professors would secretly dissect human cadavers to packed audiences of students. 

The city of Padua and the history of theatre are deeply enmeshed. In the heart of the city’s center lie the remnants of the ancient Roman Arena theatre. The city is also the birthplace of the famed playwright Ruzante (Angelo Beolco), who was the central influence on the birth of Commedia dell’ Arte and the invention of stock characters. The style of Commedia was born in this city with the first professional company of players legally incorporated here, of which historical documentation is preserved.

For centuries, the prestigious University of Padua has been a place of research and discovery. During the period after the Second World War, theatre research at the University generated great interest in Italian and European movement-based theatre. In 1948, Jacques Lecoq, the French athlete and physiotherapist turned actor, director, and pedagogue, was invited by the University Theatre to teach movement and improvisation to the performers of the program.

Padua became an extraordinary laboratory of theatre research. The eventual collaboration between Lecoq and the Paduan sculptor Amleto Sartori, urged the latter to take on the creation and construction of leather theatre masks. As a result, an ancient manufacturing technique was reinvented and Commedia dell’Arte would soon experience a revival. Today, in Padua, the son of Amleto Sartori, Donato, is continuing his father’s tradition.

The work of Lecoq and Sartori delighted the famed Italian director Giorgio Strehler and as a result the three began a long term collaboration, spawning a series of internationally renowned productions. Nobel Prize winning artist, Dario Fo, a frequent performer in these productions, recognized Lecoq as his master teacher in the art of mime and performance.

In 1956, Jacques Lecoq returned to France where he founded his own international theatre school in Paris. His extraordinary experience in Italy with Commedia dell’Arte, improvisation, and focus on physical expressivity became the foundation for a new renaissance in physical theatre basically re-defined it for the next generation of artists to come. 




Important Dates



Application deadline


JUNE 17TH Saturday

Arrival/Hotel check-in


 June 18th SUNDAY

Meet the group @ 5.00pm (class location)


July 7th FRIDAY

"The Last Supper" @ 8:30pm



Hotel check-out/ Departure


Program Cost

Option 1

Class Only

1,650 Euros

Option 2

Class + Hotel

21-Night Hotel Stay with single room & complementary continental breakfast.

2,805 Euros

Option 3

Class + Hotel + Lunch

Lunch provided M-F, special dietary requirements.  

2,955 Euros

Option 4

Class + Lunch

Does not include accommodation.

1,800 Euros


  • If participants require accommodation prior to the scheduled arrival date or after the scheduled date of departure, we can provide that, but they are responsible for any extra expenses incurred.  
  • 30% of the amount is due at registration.
  • Payment must be made by money order to:

    The School for Theatre Creators
    2425 Meadow Valley Terrace
    Los Angeles CA 90039